Photo Contest Manager
the most complete platform for managing photo contests

Advanced features

Complete management of all phases of the competition/photographic circuit:
registrations, payments, voting, awards, communications and post-post jury functions.

FIAF compliant

The software complies with the FIAF directives, both as regards registrations and for the generation of the required documents (minutes, statistics, etc.)

Customizable jury management

Possibility of managing synchronous and asynchronous juries, in presence or remotely, in one or two phases,...


In addition to Italian and English, it is possible to configure both the front end and the back end in various languages upon request

Low costs and differentiated licenses

Possibility of purchasing various types of licenses and cost scalability.


Qualified support for all stages of the competition with assistance at various levels

Integrated Emailing System

Photo Contest Manger provides a versatile integrated Emailing system for sending communications, results, documents, etc.

Document generation

Possibility to easily generate and download documents for federations (FIAF), certificates, catalogs and statistics.

Simplicity and versatility

The simplicity of use and the versatility of a system (for the participants, for the organizers and for the judges) are the basis of the success of a photo contest.

Photo Contest Manger allows not only participants to register in just a few steps and from any device, but also judges to save a lot of time in voting and organizers to automate and simplify many of the management functions.

The versatility of Photo Contest Manager allows you to manage photographic contests of the most varied types: with juries in person or remotely, synchronous or asynchronous, with or without internet coverage…

Apps Facts


Managed contests


Registered photographers


Judged photos


Participating nations

Why use Photo Contest Manager?

Continuous evolution

The software is constantly evolving, based on the specific needs of our customers, photo clubs and on the indications of the sponsoring federations

Custom functions

The HIHO team, which developed Photo Contest Manager, is ready to listen to your needs and develop customized features

On & Off line use

The platform is web based, therefore available online and does not require any installation, but, if necessary, it can also be used in environments without internet coverage.

Simple to use

The ease of use and the automatisms set up facilitate the participation of the photographers and the management of the competition and reduce the risk of error to a minimum.

Time saving

Fast and versatile, it allows a great saving of time both for the juries and for the organizers in the management of the pre- and post-jury phases.

Automatic creation of results gallery

The program automatically creates web pages with galleries of awarded and admitted photos and lists of admitted authors.

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About us

We are HIHO S.r.l. , a team of professionals in the marketing and technology sector.

Since 2013 we have created and continued to develop, based on the indications of numerous photographic clubs, HPCM (HiHo Photo Contest Manager) a platform for the management of national and international photographic contests and circuits..

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